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Self-Start-HER (noun): A woman who blazes trails where others only see paths 

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We are dreamers who defy the norm, embrace entrepreneurship,
and carve our own path to success through passion and purpose, leaving the status quo behind

Some of us are ex-corporate professionals,
moms (both human and fur-baby),
partners, thrill-seekers, adventurers and doers. 

While we may have differences, we have one main thing in common...

A dream for more.

And, we have a funny feeling you do, too!



Are you ready
to become a
Self Start

Is life as an entrepreneur for you?

Take the quiz to find out! 

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Do you have dreams for more yet aren’t sure how to transition out of your 9 to 5 and start a business of your own? You’re not alone. Megan Tobler, host of the Self StartHER podcast, left the corporate world for a life as an entrepreneur. And now - she’s taking you on her entrepreneurial journey giving you a peek into all the learnings along the way. Every week, she introduces you to female entrepreneurs who made their dreams a reality. Tune in to hear how they built their business and how you, too, can build a thriving full time business or side hustle of your own.

Top 5 episodes for HER

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Finding Your WHY That Lights Your Soul On Fire

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Listening to Music

Listen to fellow Self StartHERs' entrepreneurial journeys and lessons they've learned along the way

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Watch to learn some of the latest entrepreneurial practices that you can implement in your business


Read articles written by Self StartHER guest contributors who bring their expertise to you

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Jahleane Dolne

Founder, Jahleane Dolne Media

"I absolutely love the Self  StartHER community Megan has curated and what it’s done to inspire the next round of women entrepreneurs. In most spaces, paving your own way for your career is taboo, but this community makes it feel like the norm. The resources that Megan and her guests share are invaluable for every entrepreneur ready to start their journey and also overcome the blocks that show up in the process!"

Her starts with You

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